Sapot Toa, Draw by Voda Vosa

Sapo Toa Player Voda Vosa
Bullyguw Monk (Unaligned) Level 3 (XP 2675)
Initiative +4
Passive Insight 13 Passive Perception 18; Senses none
Rancid air: Poison 2, if any enemy uses a HS in the area, it gets weakened
HP 38 Bloodied 19 Surge Value 9; Surges Per-Day 10
AC 18 Fortitude 16 Reflex 15 Will 14
Saving Throws +2 vs poison (Cobra chi strike)
Speed 6 Size Medium
Str 15 (+2) Dex 17 (+3) Wis 14 (+2)
Con 16 (+3) Int 11 (+0) Cha 8 (-1)
Racial Abilities +2 con and dex, rancid air.
Class Features Monastic Tradition, Flurry of Blows and become more resilient, Centered Breath, Centered flurry of blows and Mental equilibrium, Unarmed combatant, Unarmored defense
Battack Basic Attack Monk unarmed attack +6 vs AC, 1d10+2 (+4 from flurry of blows) damage (+1d8 on crit).
Branged Ranged Basic Attack Sling +6 vs AC, 1d4+3 damage.
Feats Unnarmored agility Improved Monk Unarmed Strike
Skills Acrobatics +9, Perception +8, Endurance +9, Heal +8
Languages Common, Primordial
Five Storms (At Will Standard Close Burst 1 ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic)
Target: Each enemy you can see in burst
Attack: +5 vs. ref
Weapon: Cobra Chi focus
Hit: 1d8+4 damage (+1d8 on crit).
Effect: Sapo shifts 2 squares
Special: Movement Technique
Dragon's Tail (At Will Standard Melee touch ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic)
Target: One Creature
Attack: +5 vs. Ref
Hit: 1d6+4 and knocks the target prone
Effect: After the hit, Sapo swaps places with the target.
Special: Movement technique
Open the Gates of Battle (Encounter Standard Melee touch ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic)
Target: One creature
Attack: +5 vs. ref
Hit: 2d10+4 damage
Effect: Sapo moves 6+2. During this movement, Sapodoesn't provoke opportunity attacks from the first enemy she moves away from.
Special: If the target is unharmed, deal +1d10 damage.
Eternal mountain (Encounter Standard Close burst 1 ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic)
Target: Each enemy on area
Attack: +5 vs. fort
Hit: 2d8+4 damage
Effect: Movement Technique: You shift 2 and gain 2 resistance to all damamge UTONT
Masterful Spiral (Daily Standard Close burst 2 ✦ Force, Implement, Psionic, Stance)
Target: Each enemy on area
Attack: +5 vs. ref
Hit: 3d8+4 damage
Miss: Half damage
Effect: You assume the spiral stance. Until the stance

ends, your reach with melee touch attacks increases

by 1.
Inspiring Fortitude (Daily Standard Close burst 5 )
Requirement: Your second wind must be available for you to use
Target: Each ally in area
Effect: You use your second wind, and each

target gains temporary hit points equal to 10 + your Constitution modifier (+3). ends, your reach with melee touch attacks increases

by 1.
Cobra Chi focus (Daily Free One creature )
Requirement: Must be able to use Ki Focuses as an implement.
Trigger: One creature hit by you using this item
Effect: The enemy also takes ongoing poison damage equal to 4 (save ends).

This is the Spread Sheet of the Bullywug Monk Sapo Toa played by Voda Vosa

Spread SheetEdit


Level 1 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Comments from Ozymandias79


Approval 2 Edit

Comments from Dekana

  • Monks can pick 4 class skills at first level. Sapo Toa only has 3 trained so far.
  • Sapo Toa should have 10 healing surges rather than 8. (7 base + 3 con).
  • A quarterstaff is not a defensive weapon, so that +1 AC does not apply. AC should be 17.
  • As part of Centered Breath, Sapo Toa gains +1 to Fortitude. Fort should be 15.
  • Five Storms should target "Each enemy you can see in burst," not "All creatures in burst." You can't hit your allies with it (or, presumably, invisible enemies).
  • Masterful Spiral should target "Each enemy in burst" for the same reason as Five Storms.
  • For Dragon's Tail, Five Storms and Open the Gates of Battle, you should preface the Effect entries with "(Movement Technique)" or something similar. As it is written now, the power could be read to mean the effects happen any time you attack.
  • Centered Flurry of Blows should activate with a Free action, not a Standard action.
  • Centered Flurry of Blows should have a range of "Melee 1" (but it only matters if you somehow increase Sapo Toa's natural reach).
  • There needs to be another Target entry for the Movement Technique part of Dragon's tail. I'd suggest writing it as part of the Effect entry.

Approval 2:

Approval from renau1g

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