Summary Edit

Renquist Player Four Monos
Revenant Paladin of Lauto (Unaligned) Level 6 (not updated in statistics below) (XP 9402)
Initiative +3
Passive Insight 20 Passive Perception 15; Senses low-light vision
HP 54 Bloodied 27 Surge Value 13; Surges Per-Day 12
AC 24/23 (24 when not bloodied) Fortitude 17 Reflex 18 Will 19
Saving Throws +2 Saving Throws vs. Poison and versus effects that make Renquist weakened, slowed or immobilized.
Speed 5 Size Medium
Str 13 (+1) Dex 12 (+1) Wis 16 (+3)
Con 15 (+2) Int 8 (-1) Cha 18 (+4)
Racial Abilities +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate, Dark Reaping, Unnatural Vitality, Past Life, Undead
Class Features Channel Divinity, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands
Battack Basic Attack Vigilent Blade Longsword +2; +9 vs AC, 1d8+3 damage
Branged Ranged Basic Attack Throwing Hammer +5 vs. AC, 1d6+1 damage, thrown
Feats Human Soul, Virtuous Recovery, In Death, Life, Versatile Expertise
Skills Acrobatics -1, Athletics -1, Diplomacy +6, Endurance +9, Heal +5, Insight +10, Intimidate +13, Nature +5, Perception +5, Religion +6, Stealth -1, Thievery -1
Languages Allarian, Old Allarian
Enfeebling Strike (At Will Standard Melee weapon ✦ Divine, Weapon) Paladin At-will 1
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8+6 radiant damage. If marked by Renquist, the creature takes -2 to attack rolls until the end of Renquist's next turn.
Ardent Strike (At Will Standard Melee weapon ✦ Divine, Weapon) Paladin At-will 1
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8+6 damage, and the target is subject to Renquist's divine sanction until the end of his next turn.
Special: When charging, Renquist can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.
Divine Challenge (At Will Minor Close burst 5 ✦ Divine, Radiant) Paladin Class Feature
Target: One creature in burst
Effect: Renquist marks the target. Target remains marked until he uses this power on another creature or he fails to engage. While target is marked, it takes -2 to attack rolls for any attack that doesn't include Renquist as a target. Also, it takes 6 radiant damage the first time it makes such an attack before the start of his next turn.
To engage the target, Renquist must either attack it or end his turn adjacent to it. If none of these evens occur by the end of his turn, the marked condition ends. Divine challenge is usable once per turn.
Special: Even though this ability is called a challenge, it doesn't rely on the intelligence or language of the target. It's a magical compulsion that affects the creature's behaviour, regardless of the creature's nature. You can't place a divine challenge on a creature that is already affected by your or another character's divine challenge.
Lay on Hands (At Will Minor Melee touch ✦ Divine, Healing) Paladin Class Feature
Target: One creature
Effect: Renquist spends a healing surge but regain no hp. Instead, the target regains hp as if it had spent a healing surge. Renquist must have at least one healing surge remaining to use this power.
Special: Can use this power only once per round, and only 3 times per day.
Valorous Smite (Encounter Standard Melee weapon ✦ Divine, Weapon) Paladin Encounter 1
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8+6 damage. Each enemy within three squares of Renquist is subject to his divine sanction until the end of his next turn.
Dark Reaping (Encounter Free ✦ Necrotic) Racial Power
Trigger: A creature within 5 squares of Renquist is reduced to 0 hp
Effect: One creature Renquist hits with an attack before the end of his next turn takes an additional 1d8+2 damage.
Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle (Encounter Minor Close burst 10 ✦ Divine) Paladin Class Feature
Target: One creature in burst
Effect: The target makes a saving throw with a +4 bonus (Cha).
Special: A character may only use one Channel Divinity power per encounter, regardless of how many they know.
Channel Divinity: Divine Strength (Encounter Minor Personal ✦ Divine) Paladin Class Feature
Effect: +1 (Str) extra damage on my next attack this turn.
Special: A character may only use one Channel Divinity power per encounter, regardless of how many they know.
In Death, Life (Encounter Free, Close burst 3 ✦ Divine) Feat Power
Target: Renquist or one ally
Trigger: Renquist bloodies an enemy or reduces it to 0 hit points.
Effect: Renquist spends a healing surge and the target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge.
Call to Arms (Encounter Standard Range 5 ✦ Divine, Implement) Paladin Encounter 3
Target: One creature marked by Renquist
Attack: +9 vs. Will
Hit: Renquist pulls the target to a square adjacent to him. He then makes a secondary attack.
Secondary Attack: +14 versus AC
Secondary Hit: 2d8+6 damage
Radiant Delerium (Daily Standard, Ranged 5 ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant) Paladin Daily 1
Target: One creature
Attack: +9 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8+6 radiant damage. The target is dazed until the end of Renquist's next turn. In addition, the target suffers a -2 AC penalty (save ends).
Miss: Half damage, and the target is dazed until the end of the next turn.
Call of Challenge (Encounter Minor Close Burst 3 ✦ Divine) Paladin Utility 2
Target: Each enemy in burst
Effect: Each target is subject to Renquist's divine sanction until the end of his next turn.
Hallowed Circle (Daily Standard, Close Burst 3 ✦ Divine, Implement, Zone) Paladin Daily 5
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: +9 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d6+9 radiant damage.
Effect: The burst creates a zone of holy energy that lasts until the end of the encounter. You and your allies gain a +1 bonus to all defenses while in the zone.
Agile Plate Armor +1 (at-will, Minor ) Magic Item
Effect: While not bloodied, Renquist can add an item bonus equal to his dexterity modifier (+1) to his AC.
Vigilant Blade Longsword +2 (at-will, Minor ) Magic Item
Effect: Power: At-Will (Minor): The weapon projects bright light out four squares until Renquist ends the effect (minor action).
Special: Power: Encounter: Immediate Reaction. If an ally adjacent to you is attacked by an enemy adjacent to you. Effect: Renquist switches places with the ally and the enemy grants combat advantage to Renquist TENT.
Critical: +2d8 fire and radiant damage
Properties: Renquist may use the Vigilant Blade as an implement for paladin powers.
Amulet of Physical Resolve +1 (at-will, Minor ) Magic Item
Special: +1 bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will defenses
Properties: Gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws versus effects with the poison keyword, and effects that render him weakened, slowed, or immmobile.
Holy Symbol +1 (at-will, Minor ) Magic Item
Effect: none
Critical: +1d6
Properties: +1 bonus to attack and damage

StatusInto the Wild
LocationDaunton, Arcadia
NotesHe seems changed...

Fluff Edit

Description Edit

Renquist stands a modest 5' 8". He is slight of frame, his musculature thin. His skin is pale. In pure physical characteristics of size, he does not appear intimidating. However, an unsettling shroud seems to cloak his being. His presence seems to permeate the environment. Lights seem to dim as he passes. A chill fills the air. Shadows seem to deepen. Laughter loses its boistrous nature. People seem to give him a berth on a crowded street without realizing it. This presence does not stem from the dark armor he wears or the large weapon across his back, but from an unseen essence of death that travels with him. His pupils burn with red light, surrounded by his black pupils. His disturbing appearance has lead Renquist to hide his eyes from all but his most trusted companions or most deserving enemies. He as adopted wearing a traveling cloak about his frame. He wears a wide brimmed, black traveling hat pulled down low to hide and mask his face.

Background Edit

Renquist. The only name left in the old decrepit graveyard. The name was engraved on the only standing masoleum amid the broken gravestones and collapsed stone edifices. He knows not the meaning of the name. He is uncertain if the name is his original surname, somehow related to his previous enemies, or ultimately related to his quest for Lauto. Renquist adopted the name as he adopted the equipment he found in the masoleum's sarcophagus.

His rebirth was proceeded by a vision from Lauto. Renquist recalls a mocking laughter and a deep voice that scolded his early death. The voice informed him that an old debt needed to be repaid with his service. The particular service would reveal itself in time, but he must search for his goal. Renquist would be instilled with the power of death in order to justly dictate the will of Lauto on his journies.

He is not sure how many years he laid dead before his rising, but he knows that it has been a long time. The only piece of his past life that remains is a simply adorned signet ring on his left hand smallest finger. Renquist doesn't recognize the symbol or its purpose. He hopes this relic will help lead him on his path or act as a marker related to his ultimate quest.

Renquist's memories of his previous life are essentially gone. He often experiences brief visions that haunt him with hidden meaning. He most commonly experiences brief visions of his previous life. He recalls visions of combat, both frightening and exhilarating. He recalls kneeling before a grand king, a very proud moment. There are emotional ties to riding a horse with a beautiful woman behind him, content and happy. These visions of the past tend to be associated with the emotions of the moments. These emotions stir with his involvement with others during his search to repay his unknown debt.

He travels forth now as the living embodiment of the will of Lauto. He wields the dark power of death to smite those who cross Lauto's will. He searches for the task that will allow him to rest in quiet death again, knowing Lauto's will moves him from place to place in search for answers.


Renquist first views from the cemetary was of a grand, but dark castle in the distance, surrounded by the remnants of what appeared to be a ruined city. Brief memories of the castle called to his memory, but he felt pulled away, to the east. He wandered down hills and valleys. There were occasional bands of scavenger dogs. Most were too timid to attack. Those that did felt the bite of Renquist's greatsword. His path east took many days. He found himself at a port town. The locals informed him the town was called Allar, finding it strange that someone of the region didn't know the town. Renquist felt pulled or directed ever eastward. When news of a shipping company needing hired guards for its next shipment reached his ears, he did not hesitate. His only pay was food for the journey. He sailed with the crew over the next weeks to a larger port town known as Barcaste. The shipment then sailed on and reached its final destination in a large port known as Daunton. Knowing his journey started here, Renquist set off in search of the city, interested in hearing more of these "Five"...

Appearance Edit

Age: 30 (estimated age)
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 155 lb.
Alignment: Unaligned

Personality Edit

Renquist is quiet. The quietness follows him like a shroud. His presence often effects any room that he enters, often disrupting conversations without intention or meaning. While partly dead, Renquist often finds himself seeking company in those who are very much alive. That association with vigor and enthusiasm stirs old memories and emotions within himself. To this end, Renquist finds himself happiest in the presence of adventurers.

Renquist loathes the undead. He sees these aberrations of unlife as an affront and mockery to the rule of the Lord of Death. He aggressively pursues and destroys any undead he crosses.

While one might suspect that being the embodiment of the power of death may be associated with an evil demeanor, nothing could be farther from the truth. Renquest recognizes the balance of life and death that is necessary. He feels that as an agent of Lauto, accepting the death he witnesses as necessary to maintain balance.

Hooks Edit

  • Purpose and Adventure - Renquist travels searching for answers. He does not know his ultimate goal. What debt does he or his descendents owe Lauto? Is he to undo a long overdue wrong? Is he to thwart something that threatens the balance of life and death?
  • Undead will suffer - Renquist loathes the undead. Perhaps his ultimate goal is to destroy a (or several) powerful undead creature?
  • His history - what happened to Renquist when he was alive? Are there descendents of his or his family? What is the significance of the left hand signet ring?

Kicker Edit

  • Kicker A - He is subject to visions of past events. New visions may link current events or individuals to his past life, for good or bad.
  • Kicker B - As an undead and living being, his presence could be difficult to accept (if fully disclosed)

Adventuring Career Edit

  • Into the Wild (current)

Companions, Past and Present Edit

Dante, human Ranger

Rocco, dwarf Warrior

Nementah, wilden Shamen

Abigail, human Swordmage

Ibram, half elf Bard

Show Math Edit

Ability Scores Edit

Str 3 13 0 0 13 1
Con 3 13 2 0 15 2
Dex 0 10 2 0 12 1
Int 0 8 0 0 8 -1
Wis 7 15 0 1 16 3
Cha 12 17 0 1 18 4
Totals 25   10

Attacks Edit

Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str 001Versatile Expertise5Vigilant Blade Longsword +2029AC
Basic Ranged


str00002Throwing Hammer025AC

Defenses Edit

DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class +1/+0 dex/int 0 0 0 0 +11 Agile Plate Armor +1, Heavy Shield 0 0 2 23
Fortitude+1/+2str/con+10+1Human Soul00+1Amulet of Physical Resolve +12 17
Reflex+1/+0dex/int+10+1 Human Soul+2Heavy Shield+1Amulet of Physical Resolve +12 18
Will+3/+4wis/cha+10+1 Human Soul00+1Amulet of Physical Resolve +12 19

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 3
Passive Insight 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 5 20
Passive Perception 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 15

Health Edit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherSurge Value BonusTotalBloodiedSurge
Hit Points 15 15 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 48 24 12

Surge Value: 48/4 = 12

Surges per Day 12 (Class 10 + Con 2)

Speed and Movement Edit

Speed: 5 (Race 6 - Equipment 1)

Racial Features Edit


  • Dark Reaping: You can use the Dark Reaping encounter power.
  • Past Life: Select a race other than Revenant. You can take feats, paragon path, or epic destiny that have the selected race as prerequisite.
  • Undead: You are considered an undead creature to effects that relate to that keyword. You are also considered a living creature.
  • Unnatural Vitality: Whenever you drop to 0 hit points or fewer, you are dying but may stay conscious until you attempt your first death saving throw. If you remain conscious, you may only take one standard action before you attempt your first death saving throw.
  • Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate
  • Ability Score Bonuses: +2 Con, +2 Dex
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 6
  • Vision: Low-light
  • Languages: Allerian, Old Allerian

Class Features Edit


  • Defenses: +1 Fort, +1 Ref, +1 Will
  • Channel Divinity: gain the use of the Divine Mettle and Divine Strength powers.
  • Divine Challenge: gain the use of the Divine Challenge power.
  • Lay on Hands: gain the use of the Lay on Hands power.
  • Divine Sanction: A creature subject to Renquist's Divine Sanction is marked by him while the sanction remains. Unless specified otherwise, the mark ends before the specified duration if someone else marks the target. Until the mark ends, the target takes 6 radiant damage the first time each round it makes an attack that doesn't include Renquist as a target.
  • Holy symbol implement.

Feats Edit

  • Human Soul [1st level]: Gain +1 defense to Fortitude, Reflex, Will defenses.
  • Virtuous Recovery [2nd level]: When Renquist spends a healing surge, he gains 3 damage resistance until start of next turn (3 DR TSNT).
  • In Death, Life [4th level]: When Renquist bloodies an enemy or reduces an enemy to 0 hit points, he can spend a healing surge and he or an ally in close burst 3 regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge.
  • Versatile Expertise [5th level]: Renquist gains a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls when using heavy blades and holy symbols.

Skills and Languages Edit

Languages Allarian, Old Allarian

SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
Acrobatics01dex000-4Armor Check Penalty2-1
Arcana 0 -1 int 0 0 0 0 0 2 1
Athletics01str000-4Armor Check Penalty2-1
Endurance52con22(Background) Ancient-4Armor Check Penalty29
Stealth01dex000-4Armor Check Penalty2-1
Thievery01dex000-4Armor Check Penalty2-1

Powers Edit

Powers KnownEdit

Equipment Edit

Equipment Name Value (gp) Weight (lbs)
Agile Platemail +1 1000 50
Defender's Longsword +1 520 4
Amulet of Physical Resolve +1 520 -
Heavy Shield 10 15

Throwing Hammer (x2)

10 4
Backpack 2 2
Belt pouch (x2) 2 -
Bed Roll 1 sp 5
Flint and Steel 1 -
Gold 25.9 -
Totals 80

Weight Allowance: 80/120 lbs.

Renquist's Wish List Edit

Weapon: Longsword: Vigilent Blade +1 (lvl 4), Challenge Seeking Longsword +2

Armor: Plate Armor of Dwarven Vigor +2 (lvl 7)

Shield : Heavy Shield of Protection (lvl 3), Cold Iron Shield (lvl 4), Throwing Shield (lvl 6)

Gear: Boots of the Fencing Master (lvl 7), Ironskin Belt (lvl 5)

Tracking Edit

Treasure and Money Edit

+100 gp - starting gold -50 gp -plate armor -30 gp -greatsword -10 gp -throwing hammers x2 -5.1 gp - adventuring gear= 4.9 gp

+600gp (Into the Wild reward) - 360gp (Holy Symbol +1) = 266.9gp

+896gp = 1162.9 gp

=102gp (selling defensive longsword)=1264.9gp

Adventure Rewards:

Into the Wilds: Agile Plate Armor +1, Defender's Longsword +1, Amulet of Physical Resolve +1, 600gp monetary reward. Vigilant Blade Longsword +2, 896 gold monetary reward.

Ministats Edit


Renquist, Revenant paladin of Lauto


Init: +3 Speed: 5 Perception:15 Insight: 20

AC: 24/23 (24 if not bloodied) NAD: F: 17 R:18 W:19

HP: 48/48 Surges: 12/12 Surge Value: 12 AP: 1

Languages: Allerian, Old Allerian

Str:13 Dex:12 Wis:16 Con:15 Int:8 Cha:18


At-Will: Ardent Strike, Enfeebling Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands (3/3)

Encounter: Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle, Channel Divinity: Divine Strength, Second Wind, Valorous Smite, Dark Reaping, Call to Arms, Call of Challenge

Daily: Radiant Delirium

Special: AC is 24 when not bloodied. Gains 3 DR TSNT if Renquist spends a healing surge. [/sblock]

Judge Comments Edit

Level 1: Edit

Approval 1 Edit

  • Under Racial Features you have different languages listed.
  • In Skills, you have a feat bonus listed called Ancient. I believe thats actually your background.You should list thats somewhere clearly.
  • Skills (Endurance) in summary don't match math. I think you just forgot to mark endurance as trained in math.

All pretty minor.

Approved by ScorpiusRisk

Approval 2 Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary: Divine Challenge should only deal 4 damage. (fixed)

Anyway, approved.

Status Edit

Approved for level 1 at 0 xp by ScorpiusRisk and TwoHeadsBarking.

Level 3 Rebuild: Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approved by TwoHeadsBarking.

Approval 2 Edit

Approved by renau1g.

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