Lhavarr Sporrano Player EvolutionKB
Half-Elf Ardent/Bard Hybrid (unaligned) Level 1 (XP 0)
Initiative +0
Passive Insight 19 Passive Perception 12; Senses Low-light Vision
Aura 5: +4 damage on opportunity attacks, +3 to Diplomacy and +2 to Intimidate checks.
HP 30 Bloodied 15 Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 11
AC 16 Fortitude 14 Reflex 10 Will 16
Speed 5 Size Medium
Str 10 (+0) Dex 10 (+0) Wis 14 (+2)
Con 18 (+4) Int 10 (+0) Cha 18 (+4)
Racial Abilities Dilettante, Dual Heritage, Group Diplomacy
Class Features Ardent Mantle(Elation; Hybrid), ardent surge(hybrid), majestic word(hybrid) , Psionic Augmentation, Virtue of Valor
Battack Basic Attack : Greatsword +3/1d10
Branged Ranged Basic Attack Dagger +3/1d4
Feats Hybrid Talent(Virtue of Valor)
Skills Bluff +9, Diplomacy +13, Insight +9, Intimidate +13
Languages Common,Elven,goblin
Guiding Strike (At Will Standard Melee weapon. ✦ Arcane, Weapon)
Target: One creature
Attack: +7 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10+4 damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to the defense of your choice until the end of your next turn.
Focusing Strike (At Will Standard Melee weapon ✦ Augmentable, Psionic, Weapon)
Target: One creature
Attack: +7 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10+4 damage, and you or one ally within 5 squares of you can make a save.

Augment 1

Hit: 1d10+4 damage, and you or an ally within 5 squares of you can make save. If the save is againt charm or fear effect it gains a +2 bonus on the save.

Augment 2

Hit: 2d10+4 damage, and you and all allies within 5 squares can make a saving throw
Ardent Surge (Encounter Minor Close burst 5 ✦ Healing, Psionic)
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge, and regain 1d6 additional hit points. The target gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
Majestic Word (Encounter Minor Close burst 5 ✦ Arcane, Healing)
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge, and regain 4 additional hit points. The target can also be slid one square.
Virtuous Strike (Encounter Encounter Melee weapon ✦ Divine, Radiant, Weapon)
Target: One creature
Attack: +7 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10+4 radiant damage, and you gain a +2 bonus to saving throws until the start of your next turn. This attack can be used as a basic attack
Implanted Suggestion (Daily Standard Melee Weapon. ✦ Charm. Psionic, Weapon)
Target: One creature.
Attack: +7 vs. AC
Hit: 2d10+4 damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: The target is affected by your suggestion (save ends). Until the suggestion ends, whenever the target makes an attack, one ally adjacent to the target can make a melee basic attack against it as a free action after the target's attack is resolved.


Description: Lhavarr is a tanned, attractive half-elf. His hair is slicked back and he sports a short goatee. He wears a suit of plain chainmail. A dagger is tucked into his belt, and another is in his boot. A greatsword is slung over his back, over his backpack. Upon meeting his green eyes, a brief surge of confidence flows through you, making you think anything is possible.


Lhavarr Sporanno grew up on the streets of Bacarte. His parents were half-elves, as was he. They were simple workers, one of the many poor, making a living spinning yarn and making boots.

The young man witnessed the laws of the street at a young age. One day his father was being hassled by a group of ruffians about the price of his boots. A few days later they came back, but this time some other neighborhood people were there, and with a few whispered words, the ruffians never bothered the boot maker again. When Lhavarr asked questions his father replied that the neighborhood has to watch out for it’s people. Later he would find out the people that helped his father were members of the very group he would join as a teen.

As the Lhavarr grew older, he often skipped school, and got involved with those in the wrong crowd. Lhavarr was the leader of his little gang of thieves and thugs. They’d get paid for bringing in people to buy goods and services, as well as protecting them from rival gangs and businesses. Lhavarr soon found his emotions often boiled over, and his allies could draw upon this expelled energy to further the groups own ends.

Their activities soon drew the attention of one of the large crime families in the city; they even had ties in his neighborhood. Lhavarr did minor work for them, and on his seventeenth birthday, he took an oath, and was sworn in as a member of the family.

The group had honor, even among thieves as they were. The family looked out for it’s own members, putting the family before wives, children, and parents. They stayed in the background, manipulating others with business fronts, and making the family rich. Assassinations were commonplace, upon family members who insulted the family, and on rivals who dared to threaten members.

Lhavarr soon began to climb through the ranks. He was skilled at convincing people to do want he wanted and to see through deceptions. His skills at pushing his emotions onto others let him help his allies battle through thoughts of failure, and to push those thoughts to his foes. Soon enough the family’s leadership had him sitting in on meetings, often as one of their aids, to have his ability help them convince members and rivals that the leaderships directed course of action was the correct one. Lhavarr was always in the background, never the spotlight of the discussions.

An abrupt assassation of the family’s highest ranked member happened and Lhavarr found himself one of the new bosses. The killing was against the rules, one of many soon broken by current leadership. The murder in broad daylight and in public. Everybody knew they were behind it, but the watch couldn’t prove it. The murder was big news in the city, and the new leadership stood in the spotlight, reveling in the fame. They held cookouts and parties in the neighborhoods, gaining the adoration of the common people, while Lhavarr grudgingly stood by their side.

Lhavarr resented his position, the family was no longer what it once was. He watched the oaths they all took begin to crumble. The leadership of the family was so caught up in their fame and glory, they became arrogant and that began the downfall of the group. The law caught up with them and members were arrested. Lhavarr kept silent for a while, until the leadership sought to blame him for the murders and plots. They said his ability caused others to take harsh actions, something out of their character.

Lhavarr then decided to go against everything he ever believed in. The family has lost their honor, lost everything, and the through their actions they wanted to blame Lhavarr for it. Lhavarr made a deal, one that offered him complete immunity to punishment in exchange for all the information he had. He walked, and the corrupt leadership of the family was put in prison for a long time. He was whisked away to Daughton for protection. Without money, he turns to adventuring as the most honest work he’s done in a long time.

Hooks: Lhavarr seeks to make himself a new life, though former members of the family may seek him out for vengeance or for his aid.




Str 0 10 0 0 10 0
Con 9 16 2 0 18 4
Dex 0 10 0 0 10 0
Int 2 10 0 0 10 0
Wis 5 14 0 0 14 2
Cha 9 16 2 0 18 4
Totals 25   10


DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class +0/+0 dex/int 0 0 6 Chainmail 16
Fortitude+0/+4str/con00 14
Reflex+0/+0dex/int00 10
Will+2/+4wis/cha20 16

Saving Throw Bonuses

Hit PointsEdit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherSurge Value BonusTotalBloodiedSurge
Hit Points 14 16 5 0 0 0 0 30 15 7

Surges per Day 11 (Class 7 + Con 4)

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Passive Insight 2 5 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 19
Passive Perception 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 12



Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str 3Greatsword03AC
Basic Ranged




Power To-Hit
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Guiding Strike 4 Cha 3 Greatsword 0 0 0 7 AC
Focusing Strike 4 Cha 3 Greatsword 0 0 0 7 AC
Implanted Suggestion 4 Cha 3 Greatsword 0 0 0 7 Will
Virtuous Strike 4 Cha 3 Greatsword 0 0 0 7 AC

Class Features Edit

Ardent Mantle (Elation; hybrid), Ardent Surge(hybrid), Majestic Word(hybrid), Skill Versatility, Virtue of Valor, Hybrid PP option, Psionic Augmentation

Racial FeaturesEdit

  • Dilettante: At 1st level, you choose an at-will power from a class different from yours. You can use that power as an encounter power.
  • Dual Heritage: You can take feats that have either elf or human as a prerequisite (as well as those specifically for half-elves), as long as you meet any other requirements.
  • Group Diplomacy: You grant allies within 10 squares of you a +1 racial bonus to Diplomacy checks.
  • +2 Diplomacy, +2 Insight
  • +2 Con, +2 Cha
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 6
  • Vision: Low-light
  • Languages: Common, Elven, Giant

Skills Edit

Languages Common, Elven, Goblin

SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
Arcana 1 0 int 0 1

Feats Edit

Hybrid Talent(Virtue of Valor)

Background BenefitsEdit

<Intimidate+2> Muscle


Equipment Name Price Weight
Chainmail 40 40 lb.
Greatsword 30 8 lb.
(2) Dagger 2 2 lb.
Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lbs
12 gp - -
Total 83 lb.

Normal load: 100 lb.


  • Defensive Chainmail(Lv3)
  • Quicksilver Chainmail(Lv5)
  • Farbond Greatsword(Lv2)
  • Brooch of No Regrets(Lv3)
  • Gem of Colloquy(Lv2)

Tracking Edit

Treasure Edit

Starting Gold: 100

-40 Chainmail

-30 Greatsword

-2 2 daggers

-15 Adventurer's kit

-1 bribe for street vendor

12 gp remaining.

XP Edit

Changes Edit

Judge Comments Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Summary/Senses and Reactions: Your Passive Perception is 13.
  • Summary: I don't think the mantle is really an Aura. Be aware that Group Diplomacy has a range of 10, not 5.

Well, that's not much. Approved.

Approval 2 Edit

Approved by renau1g

Status Edit


Status: Approved as 1st level character with 0 xp by TwoHeadsBarking and renau1g.

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