Bell Jabson Player ScorpiusRisk
Shadar-Kai Bard (good) Level 8 (XP 15,540)
Initiative +5
Passive Insight 17 Passive Perception 17; Senses low-light vision
HP 60 Bloodied 30 Surge Value 15; Surges Per-Day 8
AC 24 Fortitude 18 Reflex 23 Will 21
Saving Throws +2 Racial bonus against the unconscious condition; +2 to all death saving throws
Speed 6 Size Medium
Str 10 (+0) Dex 12 (+1) Wis 9 (-1)
Con 13 (+1) Int 20 (+5) Cha 19 (+4)
Racial Abilities Shadow Jaunt, Winterkin, Shadow Origin, Acrobatics Bonus, Stealth Bonus
Class Features Bardic Training, Bardic Virtue (Virtue of Cunning), Majestic Word, Multiclass Versatility, Skill Versatility, Song of Rest, Words of Friendship
Battack Basic Attack +10 vs AC, Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2, 1d8+2 damage
Branged Ranged Basic Attack +9 vs AC, dagger, 1d4+1 damage
Feats Ritual Caster, Blade Initiate, Linguist, Bard of All Trades, Arcane Initiate, Linguist II
Skills Acrobatics 10, Arcana 15, Athletics 7, Bluff 12, Diplomacy 13, Dungeoneering 8, Endurance 8, Heal 7, History 15, Insight 7, Intimidate 12, Nature 8, Perception 7, Religion 15, Stealth 10, Streetwise 13, Thievery 8(10)
Languages Allarian, Imperia, Tsugo, Magari, Draconic, Hzakan, Old Allarian, Silentus
Rituals Arcane Mark (Arcana), Amanuensis (Arcana), Battlefield Elocution (Arcana or Religion), Brew Potion (Arcana or Religion), Comprehend Language (Arcana), Disenchant Magic Item (Arcana), Enchant Magic Item (Arcane or Nature), Endure Elements (Arcana or Nature), Eye of Alarm (Arcana), Glib Limerick (Arcana), Purify Water (Arcana, Nature or Religion), Raise Dead (Heal), Silence (Arcana), Tenser's Floating Disk (Arcana)
Staggering Note (At Will Standard Ranged 10 ✦ Arcane, Implement)
Target: One creature
Attack: +11 vs. Will
Hit: 5 damage, and Bell Pushes the target 2 squares. As a free action, an ally of Bell's choice can make a melee basic attack against the target at any point before, after or during the forced movement.
Guiding Strike (At Will Standard Melee ✦ Arcane, Weapon)
Target: One creature
Attack: +14 vs AC
Hit: 1d8+6 damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to the defense of Bell's choice until the end of Bell's next turn.
Focused Sound (Encounter Standard Ranged 10 ✦ Arcane, Thunder, Implement)
Target: One creature
Attack: +11 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10+6 damage. Until, the end of your Bell's turn, any attack against the target can score a critical hit on a roll of 18-20.
Dissonant Strain (Encounter Standard Ranged 5 ✦ Arcane,Implement, Psychic)
Target: One creature
Attack: +11 vs. Will
Hit: 2d6+6 damage, and the target takes a -2 to attack rolls TENT. In addition, an ally within 5 squares of Bell makes a saving throw.
Hypnotism (Encounter Standard One Enemy ✦ Arcane, Charm, Enchantment, Implement)
Target: One creature
Attack: +12 vs. Will
Hit: Choose one of the following effects: * The target uses a free action to use a melee basic attack against a creature of Bell's choice, with a +4 power bonus to the attack roll. * Bell slides the target 3 squares.
Insightful Warning (Encounter Immediate Interrupt )
Trigger: A creature you can see makes an attack roll for an area or a close attack that includes Bell as a target.
Effect: Bell and each ally included as a target of the triggering attack gain a +2 power bonus to all defenses against it.
Theft of Life (Encounter Standard One Creature ✦ Arcane, Healing, Implement)
Target: One creature
Attack: +11 vs. Will
Hit: 2d8+6 damage.
Effect: An ally adjacent to the target can spend a healing surge and gains an additional +5 hit points.
Shadow Jaunt (Encounter Move ✦ Arcane, Charm, Enchantment, Implement)
Target: Personal
Effect: Bell teleports 3 squares and becomes insubstantial till the end of her next turn.
Majestic Word (Encounter Minor Close burst 5 ✦ Arcane, Healing)
Target: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional hit points equal to 1d6+4. Bell also slides the target 1 square.
Special: Bell can use this power twice per encounter, but only once per round. At 16th level, Bell can use this power three times per encounter, but only once per round.
Words of Friendship (Encounter Minor Personal ✦ Arcane)
Effect: Bell gains a +5 power bonus to the next Diplomacy check she makes before the end of her next turn.
Second Wind (Encounter Standard Personal ✦ Arcane)
Effect: Bell spends a healing surge and regains 15 hit points. Bell's defenses increase by +2 till the end of her turn, and she gains a +1 bonus to damage rolls on arcane attack powers TENT.
Stirring Shout (Daily Standard Ranged 10 ✦ Arcane, Implement)
Target: One creature
Attack: +11 vs. Will
Hit: 2d6+6 damage
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever an ally hits the target they regain 4 hp.
Song of Defense (Daily Minor Close Burst 5 ✦ Arcane, Zone)
Effect: The burst creates a zone of bolstering song that that last until the end of Bell's next turn. When Bell moves, the zone moves with her, remaining centered on Bell. While within the zone, any ally gains +1 power bonus to AC. Sustain Minor: The zone persists.
Satire of Bravery (Daily Standard Close Blast 3 ✦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic)
Attack: +11 vs. Will
Hit: 2d6+6 psychic damage and the target is affected by Bell's Satire of Bravery (Save ends). While the target is affected by the satire, if the target ends its turn in a square closer to Bell than the where square it started its turn, the target takes 1d6+6 psychic damage and is dazed till the end of its next turn.
Swordmage Warding (Daily Minor Personal )
Effect: Until the end of the encounter Bell gains a +1 Bonus to AC (+3 bonus to AC if she has one free hand).
Harmonic Songblade +2 (Daily Minor )
Effect: One ally within 5 squares of Bell gains a +2 power bonus to all attack rolls and defenses until the start of her next turn.
Philosopher's Crown (Daily Free )
Trigger: Bell makes an Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Religion or Streetwise check and dislikes the result.
Effect: Bell rerolls the check and can use either result.
Deep Pocket Cloak (At-Will (1/round) Free Action )
Effect: Bell draws an item from the cloak or stores an item within it.
Onyx Dog (Daily Standard ✦ Conjuration)
Effect: Bell conjures Shard, a black mastiff of molten rock. As a free action, Bell can spend a healing surge when activating this item to give Shard 10 temporary hit points.
Onyx Dog (At-Will Immediate Reaction )
Trigger: An enemy adjacent to Shard attacks Bell.
Effect: Shard makes a bite attack against the attacker.

Non-Player CompanionsEdit

Shard (Onyx Dog)

Medium natural animate

Init As Bell's; Senses: Perception +7, Low-light vision

HP 9; Bloodied 4

AC 16; F 15, R 14, W 13

Speed: 8

Bite (Standard; At-Will); +7 vs AC; 1d6+3

Unaligned; Languages None

Str 16 (+5), Con 14 (+4), Dex 14 (+4), Int 2 (-2), Wis 13 (+3), Cha 10 (+2)</span>



Description: Bell is a young female who appears to be roughly sixteen years of age. At 5'3 she stands just slightly shorter than a human her age. She's thin but have become well toned, due to adventuring. At first glance she appears human, with pale, generally dirty, skin, and pale blonde, frazzled hair. Upon closer inspection there is a slight otherworldly air about her appearance which has led most to conclude, as well as herself, that she is half-elven. She wears old looking spectacles on her nose, which generally set into a face of deep thought or bright elation.

Under a brown cloak, she wears dark hide, that no only has odd undertones to it, but is then dyed with strange runes and glyphs. It has been tailored to her figure, with bared legs and sturdy brown boots. A light shield hangs off her belt, on her right hip, a sword off her left, and she generally keeps a dagger in her left boot. She wears her Holy Symbol of Mireva under her shirt.

Hard Stats & Personality

  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Alignment: Good
  • Personality: Excited, curious, flaky, pleasant and knowledgeable.

Background: Bell was found by a group of adventurer's in the wood of Kithira, alone and not yet two years old. They took her in and brought her to Daunton, where the party's paladin had connections to the Candle Hill Monastery, run by The Order of the Divine Pen. Here she was named, cared for and began to learn. While there was much work to do, even for a young person, there were also many opportunities to learn.

Bell as it turned out was exceptionally adept at absorbing information. She never needed to hear or read something more than twice when it seemed she'd know it forever. Unfortunately, she seemed to have difficulty applying that knowledge. Her tutors and instructor's generally attributed this to a short attention span and a general lack of maturity but her potential was clear.

As she grew older Bell began inventing clever ways to finish her duties earlier, or at least make it appear she had done so, so she could slip out and explore the city, especially the great library. She loved not only to observe people but to try go unnoticed navigating the out of the way areas and working her mind even on locked doors, to see what lied beyond.

Eventually, she grew curious enough that she packed up what useful items she had acquired, some of which were filched, and decided it was time to adventure.

It did not take long for her to be hired as part of a group investigating strange murders on the Isle of Haurton. There, along with her newfound allies, she mamanged to save the local populace from mind controlling alien spiders. Along the way she joined the IAC, which she later found out might be a front for Dark Magics.

Her newfound mentor, Atlas, has encouraged her to stay with the group though to find out what they're up to and hopefully reform the members. She is particularly interested in Martelai the odd fey man who's mysterious ways interest Bell to no end, but whose connections to the IAC cannot be clear. Perhaps most on her mind of all is the wizard Veruzak. This remarkable individual seemed to be set on becoming Bell's mentor which Bell was more than thrilled about until he revealed to have been raised by the evil Shadar-kai and tried to convince Bell she was one herself.

Back home she checked in with the monks and told them of her adventures. After much fighting amongst the brotherhood, which Bell was instructed not to listen to, it was decided her actions were noble and to be praised. They even patched up her armor and gave her a torch to carry!

She ventured off with Martelai and some others to help a drow girl save some orphans. She was able to study a great many skills quickly on this mission, like stealthiness, lock picking and a bit of swordsmanship.

After which she ventured off on the case of defending a poor Mr. Gimo Tine, from being setup for murder. It turns out there are abominations beneath Daunton! Working with her fellow heroes, she cleared the man's name and rooted at least a bit of them out. Along the way she has continued to master her arcane abilities and has become even a bigger expert on mind control.


  • While Bell has read about Shadar-Kai she does not believe that she is one, after all, Shadar-kai are bad. Having been raised by humans from such a young age, she has no tattoos or piercings that usually distinguishes someone of her race. She has attributed her Shadow Jaunt ability as part of her Fey Origins and never thought to tell the monks of it. Her family could easily be made into adversaries or her blood line some kind of plot.
  • Bell does not consider herself a bard. She studied the arcane arts in books and from the occasional traveler at the monastery. If questioned she positions that it's all just applied knowledge. If asked, she would probably define herself as an arcanist, battlemage or rogue which could lead to situations where she does not, or can not, perform as expected.
  • She has stolen most of her starting items from people in town. If someone found out, they may be less than pleased, or more than they seem.
  • Bell's new weapon belonged to the founder of the fishing village of Haurton, however, Bell cannot find anything on the founders in the library. Who were the founders? Are they still around? Is there anything special about the sword that might link it back to them?
  • Bell and her friends have become self proclaimed, local experts on psychic creatures, even releasing a book to the Daunton library. Someone could seek them out with a psychic problem bigger than they can handle.
  • Now that Bell is over one of the original adventurer's who found her may seek her out. Is something strange happening in the area where she was found, or do they know something about that they day that they were never ready to reveal?
  • Bell seems more strangely effected by the mists than others. She'll disappear into them, walking around the city reading the book and come back weeks older. She has no idea this is happening.
  • Bell has a difficult time distinguishing established literary archetypes from reality, and is a bit naive. If some one is tall, dark haired and monologues she will assume he is a villain. Likewise, were someone to tell her she is a long lost princess this would not seem unbelievable.

Kicker: Bell feels strongly that she needs to learn as much as possible about the world, and the only way to do so, is go out and explore it.



Str 0 10 0 0 10 0
Con 3 13 0 0 13 1
Dex 0 10 2 0 12 1
Int 9 16 2 2 20 5
Wis 1 9 0 0 9 -1
Cha 12 17 0 2 19 4
Totals 25   10

Attacks Edit

Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str 1Versatile Expertise5Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2410AC
Basic Ranged


dex1Versatile Expertise3Dagger49AC

Defenses Edit

DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class +1/+5 dex/int 4 Runic Hide +1 1 Light Shield 4 24
Fortitude+0/+1str/con12Deep Pocket Cloak +24 18
Reflex+1/+5dex/int1 2Deep Pocket Cloak +21Light Shield4 23
Will-1/+4wis/cha1 2Deep Pocket Cloak +24 21

Saving Throw Bonuses + 2 Racial Bonus against the Unconscious condition; +2 to all Death Saving throws

Senses and Reactions Edit

Senses and Reactions
Sense/ReactionAttrib modClassClass FeatureRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelOther/TrainedTotal
Initiative 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 5
Passive Insight -1 1 Skill Versatility 0 3 Bard of all Trades 0 0 4 0 17
Passive Perception -1 1 0 0 3 Bard of all Trades 0 0 4 0 17

Health Edit

--Base ClassConPer LevelRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameOtherSurge Value BonusTotalBloodiedSurge
Hit Points 12 13 5 0 0 0 0 60 30 15

Surges per Day 8 (Class 7 + Con 1)

Speed and Movement Edit

Speed: 6 (Race 6 - Equipment 0)


Powers KnownEdit


  • At-Will - 1st Level
    • Guiding Strike
    • Staggering Note
  • Encounter - 1st Level
    • Focused Sound
    • Majestic Word [Class Power]
    • Words of Friendship [Class Power]
  • Encounter - 3rd Level
    • Dissonant Strain
  • Encounter - 7th Level
  • Theft of Life
  • Daily - 1st Level
    • Stirring Shout
  • Daily - 5th Level
  • Satire of Bravery
  • Utility - 2nd Level
    • Song of Defense
  • Utility - 6th Level
  • Insightful Warning


  • Daily - 1st Level
  • Swordmage Warding</li> </li>


  • Encounter - 6th Level
  • Hypnotism</li> </li> Racial
    • Encounter
      • Shadow Jaunt

    Powers to Hit Edit

    Power To-Hit
    Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
    Guiding Strike +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 5 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 14 AC
    Staggering Note +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 11 Will
    Focused Sound +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 11 Reflex
    Stirring Shout +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 11 Will
    Dissonant Strain +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 11 Will
    Satire of Bravery +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 11 Will
    Hypnotism +5 Int 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 12 Will
    Theft of Life +4 Cha 1 Versatile Expertise 2 Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2 0 0 4 11 Will

    Class Features Edit


    • Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail, light shield
    • Simple melee, longsword, scimitar, short sword, simple ranged, military ranged
    • Implements: Wands
    • +1 Reflex, +1 Will
    • Bardic Training (Ritual Caster Bonus Feat) - Ritual Book(Glib Limerick, Comprehend Language) 1 bard ritual/day of level or lower without components. 2/day at 11th level, 3/day at 21st level
    • Bardic Virtue(Virtue of Cunning) - Once per round, when an enemy attack misses an ally within 5 + INT squares, you can slide that ally 1 square as a free action.
    • Majestic Word (Enc Power)
    • Multiclass Versatility
    • Skill Versatility (+1 bonus to untrained skill checks)
    • Song of Rest (Play an instrument/sing during a short rest, you/each ally regains additional CHA HP for each healing surge used)
    • Words of Friendship (Enc Power)

    Racial Features Edit


    • +2 Dex, +2 Int
    • Size:Medium
    • Speed: 6
    • Vision: Low-light
    • Languages: Allarian, Imperia (Chosen)
    • +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth
    • Shadow Origin
    • Shadow Jaunt (Encounter Power)
    • Winterkin - +1 to Fort; +2 vs Unconscious; +2 vs Death Saving Throws

    Skills Edit

    SkillTrainedAttribAttrib TypeRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameLevelTotal
    Acrobatics1dex24Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades-1Hide410
    Arcana 5 5 int 1 Runic Hide +1 4 15
    Athletics0str4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades-1Hide47
    Bluff4cha4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades412
    Dungeoneering-1wis4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades1Philosopher's Crown48
    Endurance1con4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades-1Hide48
    Heal-1wis4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades47
    History55int1Philosopher's Crown415
    Insight-1wis4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades47
    Intimidate4cha4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades412
    Nature-1wis4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades1Philosopher's Crown48
    Perception-1wis4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades47
    Religion55int1Philosopher's Crown415
    Stealth1dex24Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades-1Hide410
    Thievery1dex4Skill Versatility/Bard of all Trades-1Hide48

    Feats Edit

    Ritual Caster [Class Feat]

    Blade Initiate [1st Level]

    Linguist [2nd Level] (Tsugo, Draconic, Magari)

    Bard of all Trades [4th Level]

    Versatile Expertise [5th Level] (Heavy Blade/Light Blade)

    Arcane Initiate [6th Level] (Hypnotism)

    Linguist II [8th Level] (Hzakan, Old Allarian, Silentus)

    Daunton: Regional Benefit Edit

    Characters from Daunton receive a +2 on monster knowledge checks, reflecting their exposure to the diverse races that populate the city. When on Daunton they can gain access to the city library allow giving them to reroll a failed knowledge check at +2 once per day (a given roll can only be rerolled once). It generally requires 4 hours of research at the Daunton Library to reroll a check. Characters who spend more than 4 hours seeking an answer to a specific question in a day find that they have trouble finding the proper books, are easily distracted by small sounds, and sometimes even fall asleep -- as if the library itself were resisting them. Whether this reflects some sort of defensive measure, a curse by the goddess of knowledge or something else entirely has never been proven.


    Equipment Edit

    Starting Equipment: Hide, Dagger, Light Shield, Standard Adventurer's Kit, Thieves Tools, Ritual Book, Ritual Focus (Flute), Holy Symbol (Mireva), Arcane Components (10 gp worth)

    Current Equipment:

    Equipment Name Price Weight
    Hide 30 25
    Dagger 1 1
    Light Shield 5 6
    Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lbs
    Thieves Tools 20 1
    Ritual Book 0 3
    Ritual Focus (Flute) 5 1
    Holy Symbol (Mireva) 10 1
    Harmonic Songblade (Longsword) +2 0 4
    Everburning Torch 50 1
    Residiuum 50 0
    Healing Potion 50 0
    Runic Hide Armor +1 0 25
    Deep Pocket Cloak +2 0 1
    Reading Spectacles 520 0
    Onyx Dog (heroic) 1000 0
    Philosopher's Crown (heroic) 0 0

    Gold remaining from Start 4 (100-96) 
    +30 gp - Enemy Among Us
    +411 gp - Enemy Among Us
    +332 Time gp - Enemy Among Us
    -90 gp - Purchase Everburning Torch, 40 gp of Residiuum
    -320 gp - Purchase Rituals: Amanuensis (20 gp), Brew Potion (75 gp), Tenser's Floating Disk (50 gp), Arcane Mark (20gp), Purify Water (50 gp), Silence (75 gp), Eye of Alarm (100 gp)
    -50 gp - Purchase Healing Potion
    +325 gp from Merryl's Rescue
    +635, from 5 DM Credits (lvl 3)
    +875, from 5 DM Credits (lvl 4)
    +6 gp, selling Hide Armor
    -2215 gp purchase of Reading Glasses, Muleback Harness, Onyx Dog, and Enchant Magic Item Ritual.
    +5820, The Predicament of Mr. Gimo Tine
    +468 gp - Selling Harsh Longsword +1, Muleback Harness, Amulet of Protection +1
    -5200 gp - Harmonic Songblade +2, Deep Pocket CLoak +2
    -1265 Purchase Rituals: Endure Elements (100 gp), Battlefield Elocution (125 gp), Disenchant Magic Items (360 gp), Raise Dead (680 gp)
    Remaining 126 gp
    Weight 102 lbs

    Equipment by LocationSource Edit

    (default for adventuring)

    • Head: Philosopher's Crown (heroic)
    • Neck: Dark Brown Cloak, Amulet of Protection +1
    • Symbol: Holy Symbol (Mireva)
    • Torso: Simple Cloth Shirt
    • Body: Runic Hide Armor +1
    • Main Hand: Harmonic Songblade Longsword +2
    • Off Hand: Light Shield
    • Arms: -
    • Hands: -
    • Ring Left: -
    • Ring Right: -
    • Waist: Brown Leather Belt, Belt Pouch
    • Feet : Brown Work Boots, Dagger in left boot
    • Tattoo: -
    • Deep Pocket Cloak: Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Sunrod (2), Trail Rations (10), Hempen Rope (50 feet), Waterskin, Ritual Book, Flute, Thieves Tools, Journal, Notebook, Quill (2), Inkwell, Residiuum, Everburning Torch, Potion of Healing, Onyx Dog, Brown Travel Cloak, Reading Spectacles

    (default for down time)

    • Head: Reading Spectacles
    • Neck: Deep Pocket Cloak +2
    • Symbol: Holy Symbol (Mireva)
    • Torso: Simple Cloth Shirt
    • Body: -
    • Main Hand: -
    • Off Hand: -
    • Arms: -
    • Hands: -
    • Ring Left: -
    • Ring Right: -
    • Waist: Brown Leather Belt, Belt Pouch, Light Shield, Sheathed Longsword
    • Feet : Brown Work Boots, Dagger in Left Boot
    • Tattoo: -
    • Deep Pocket Cloak: Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Sunrod (2), Trail Rations (10), Hempen Rope (50 feet), Waterskin, Ritual Book, Flute, Theives Tools, Runic Hide Armor +1, Journal, Notebook, Quill (2), Inkwell, Residiuum, Everburning Torch, Potion of Healing, Reading Spectacles, Onyx Dog, Philosopher's Crown

    Wishlist Edit

    (listed by level, and then by order of greater want. **I do not mind receiving items that are not listed below**)

    • Level 0: Books, Fun Clothing
    • Level 2: Feyleaf Sandals
    • Level 4: Transfer Enchantment (Ritual), Arcane Lock (Ritual), Knock (Ritual)
    • Level 5: Bag of Holding, Instant Campsight
    • Level 6: Ghoststride Boots, Polygot Gem (any), Iron Armbands of Power (heroic), Steed Summons (Ritual), Fey Passage (Ritual)
    • Level 7: Shadow Hound Hide +2, Boots of the Fencing Master, Horn of Summons, Belt of Recovery
    • Level 8: Runic Hide +2, Potion Bandolier, Loadstone of the Planes (heroic), Analyze Portal (Ritual), Linked Portal (Ritual), Remove Affliction (Ritual), Seal Portal (Ritual), Shadow Bridge (Ritual), Charm Bracelts (heroic), Light Shield of Defiance (heroic), Water Breathing (Ritual)
    • Level 9: Shadowflow Shield (heroic)
    • Level 10: Hat of Disguise, Watcher's Horn, Spymaster's Quill, Skeleton Key, Crystal Ball of Spying (Heroic), Secure Shelter (Ritual), Eagle's Flight (Ritual), Disorienting Portal (Ritual), Consult Mystic Sages (Ritual), Chameleon Cloak (Ritual)
    • Level 11: Summoned Hide +3, Sending Stones, Ritual Candle, Dice of Auspicious Fortune, History Revealed (Ritual), Land Ward (Ritual)
    • Level 12: Fey Touched Hide Armor +3, Harmonic Songblade Longsword +3, Shadowdancers' Boots, Gloves of the Healer (Paragon), Deep Pocket Cloak +3, Diplomat's Scabbard, Demiarche (Ritual), Arcane Barrier (Ritual), Reverse Portal (Ritual), Passwall (Ritual), Shadowwalk (Ritual)

    Tracking Edit

    Treasure Edit

    XP Edit

    Changes Edit

    • Level 2: Retrain Cutting Words for Guiding Strike; Retrain Sneak of Shadows for Blade Initiate
    • Level 4: Overhaul

    Judge Comments Edit

    Level 1 Edit

    Approval 1 Edit

    Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

    • Summary: Your History score is 2 points too high.

    This isn't a large enough issue to stop approval. So, approved.

    Approval 2 Edit

    Approved by CaBaNa

    Everything looks good!

    Level 2 Edit

    Approval 1 Edit

    Approval from renau1g:

    • Need to add "Sustain Minor" to Song of Defense, but not enough to hold up approval

    Approval 2 Edit

    Approval from evilbob:

    • may want to include weapon daily power in powers list
    • Song of Defense also is Sustain: Minor
    • I got your encumbrance as 76 lbs instead of 78. I didn't count the potion/reagents/money. I could have missed something, tho. --all fixed (already approved)

    Approved for level 2 with 1800 XP!

      • the extra 2 is from gold I believe. Fixing the rest.

    Level 4 Edit

    Approval 1 Edit

    Approval from Ozymandias79

    • Approved

    Approval 2 Edit

    Approval from TwoHeadsBarking: Approved

    Level 4 Edit

    Approval 1 Edit

    Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

    • Summary/Defenses: Your AC is too low.
    • Summary: Song of Defense grants a power bonus to defenses.
    • Summary: Just a note, you describe your powers using first, second, and third person. It would make things a bit easier to read if you just stuck to one (preferably third).
    • Feats: For Versatile Expertise, did you mean for that to be "(Heavy Blade/Light Blade)"? I assume so, since you gave the bonus to your dagger attacks.

    Minor issues, so approved.

    Approval 2 Edit

    Status Edit

    Status: Approved as 1st level character with 0 xp by TwoHeadsBarking and CaBaNa

    Status: Approved as 4th level character with 4590 xp by Ozymandias79 and TwoHeadsBarking

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