Goddess of woods, virginity, hunt and wild beasts, sister of Apoli. She often represents the wildest aspect of the natural world. Highly revered by fey and other forest-dwelling creatures.

  • Usual Gender: Female
  • AKA: the wild one, the untouched one, lady of dreams, lady of all night
  • Favoured weapon: “Doomfinder” longbow
  • Portfolio: elves, assassins, gnolls, woods, vengeance, virgins, moon, wolves, longtooth shifters, nightmares, dreams, dusks, nights
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Corellon's Grace which they sometimes call Blessed Hunt

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Artemis
Roman: Diana
Imperial: Arthamis
Allarian: Dayna
Savage Lands: Dakama
Hzakan: Arkama

Myths Edit


In the Imperium Edit

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